Disturbed Asbestos under Bathroom tiles in Melbourne Keilor East
Asbestos removed under bathroom tiles and bathroom splash back in Keilor East home, Melbourne’s north-west region
Asbestos accidentally disturbed during self renovation in Melbourne Keilor East bathroom
After shot showing removed asbestos & bathroom tiles. Area was de-nailed and decontaminated.

Emergency Asbestos Removal in Keilor East

One of our clients were self renovating the bathroom area within their Keilor East home (Melbourne’s north-west) when they discovered asbestos sheeting under the bathroom tiles. Little did they know their bathroom contained asbestos. It was only when the homeowner found an asbestos warning sticker on the sheeting under the bathroom tiles that they realised it was asbestos. Because the asbestos was disturbed during deconstruction work, this became a critical and urgent removal work. We organised to remove the asbestos contaminated area of under 7 m2 within 24 hours of being notified by the homeowners. The work involved the asbestos removal, de-nailing and decontaminating the area.