Williamstown Bungalow before asbestos removal
After shot of removed asbestos cladded walls and eave lining of Williamstown bungalow
Asbestos cladded walls- Bungalow in Melbourne’s west
Removal of asbestos cladded walls and eave lining in Williamstown Bungalow
Asbestos eave lining
removed eave lining and asbestos cladded wall

Asbestos walls & eave linings in Williamstown bungalow

First day of Spring, we found ourselves completing a small-medium sized project out near the bay in Melbourne’s west, Williamstown.

The asbestos removal project featured a bungalow and included the removal of two sides of asbestos classed walls & eave ling. The project was approx. 14m2.

Checkout the before and after asbestos removal pics!