Photo taken prior to the asbestos removed behind bathroom splashback in Watsonia home.
Removed asbestos sheeting behind bathroom tiles in Watsonia home- Melbourne’s north

Asbestos Removal Watsonia bathroom project

Asbestos Removal Watsonia Home

Our asbestos removal Watsonia project involved removing the asbestos sheeting found behind the splashback tiles.

Our licensed asbestos removalist completed the under 10 SQM project  by the early afternoon. The home owners who were at work when the removal  took place were able to return home as soon as we removed & disposed of the asbestos.

On a daily basis, we receive calls from home owners asking us to remove the asbestos found within their bathrooms.

The bathroom is a common place to contain asbestos. This is because the asbestos product is a strong, fire-proof material. Back when asbestos was widely used, builders would also use asbestos as a form of insulation in the bathroom area.

Asbestos is generally found behind the bathroom splashback tiles.

Bathroom Renovations

When the house is due for a makeover, home owners tend to target the bathroom & kitchen areas. These rooms when renovated, tend to add more $$ to the property value. Although bathroom renovations can be  exciting, if your bathroom contains asbestos, then removing the asbestos is your first priority.

When planning your bathroom renovation,  you must ensure that the area will be 100% asbestos  free. Asbestos must be removed by a licensed asbestos removalist.

If you are unsure whether or not your bathroom has asbestos you can send us photos or request a site inspection.

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