Asbestos Removal Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

The Southstar asbestos removals  team completed a three day asbestos removal domestic project. The project took place in a Melbourne’s eastern suburbs home. The work involved removing 300 square meters of class B asbestos cladding around the external walls of the house. The asbestos cladding was initially in front of the original timber weatherboards.

What is Cladding?

Asbestos cladding more formerly known as imitation brick cladding (fake bricks) is a cement sheet moulded product. The asbestos cement sheeting and cladding panels are attached. The asbestos product was popular to use as a more cost effective options for revamping the ageing look of homes. Refer to the images from our project for examples of fake brick cladding.

In this asbestos removal project, Class B Asbestos was also found in other external sections including the eave linings (refer to images).

Eave linings

Under the house eaves can lay asbestos, especially in houses built prior to the mid 80s. If asbestos remains in one piece then it may not cause harm, however occupiers must beware when cleaning or working around the eaves and avoid disturbing the asbestos. This is why many people choose to engage with licensed asbestos professionals who can safely remove the asbestos. Sometimes, the problem with eaves is determining whether it is asbestos or not?

Is it Asbestos?

It is often difficult to differentiate between new cement sheeting and asbestos cement sheeting. If you think you may have asbestos, never disturb the product. Ensure you call an experienced and licensed asbestos removalist.

If you have a question you would like to ask us about possible asbestos in or outside your home, call us or contact us through out Quote Form.