Asbestos removalist removing asbestos fence in Greensborough

Denailing asbestos fence in Greensborough
Denailing asbestos fence in Greensborough
Asbestos fence 46 m long in Greensborough
Asbestos fence 46 m long in Greensborough
Completed asbestos removal Greensborough project
Completed asbestos removal Greensborough project

Removal of asbestos fence in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Greensborough
Asbestos fence. Image before asbestos removal
 After shot of removed asbestos fence in Melbourne’s Greensborough

Asbestos 46 m fence removal – Melbourne’s northern suburbs

Our asbestos removal Greensborough project featured the removal of a 46 metre long asbestos fence. The asbestos sheets were unscrewed & removed in whole. In additional to the asbestos removal, we removed the timber bolted on the fence. The new fence is now ready for installation.

When conducting asbestos fence removal, both neighbours need to agree to have the asbestos fence removed as fences run through both properties.

Corrugated fibre asbestos sheet was a popular asbestos product used for fences & roofs. these type of fences were installed prior to the 1990s. You can read more about it here.

Asbestos Fences

In 1930 to 1980s asbestos was a popular material choice for fences. During that time, asbestos-related diseases incidence has steadily grown due to the high levels of asbestos exposure. In more recent times, asbestos-related diseases are increasingly occurring among trades within the building & construction industry and individuals undertaking home renovations personally.

We highly recommended organising a WorkSafe licensed removalist to remove your asbestos. Southstar Asbestos Removals are class B licensed & remove non-friable asbestos contaminated materials.

Our Past Projects

Our past projects include the removal of asbestos from various domestic, industrial & commercial structures. Read more about what we do here.

We perform services across Melbourne’s’ northern, western & eastern suburbs including asbestos removal in  Greensborough, Reservoir, Lalor, Essendon, Altona North to name a few. Check out all the locations we service in.