Southstar Asbestos Removals

Southstar Asbestos Removals are licensed class B (non-friable) asbestos removalists providing cost effective and professional asbestos removal & disposal services within Melbourne’s northern, eastern and western suburbs and country Victoria.

We take on various types of domestic, commercial & industrial work regardless of its size whether it’s a backyard shed to a large factory asbestos roof.

Not only do we have the required licences, qualifications and insurance for asbestos removal work, our tools, materials and equipment are compliance guided to perform the services correctly & safely.


With over 20+ years of combined experience in the asbestos removal industry, you can feel confident that our services are delivered to high standards and expertise.

Our staff are fully qualified, highly trained and have extensive experience working in the field of asbestos removal & disposal work.

Our site supervisors are approved by Worksafe to oversee all asbestos removal projects & all our asbestos removalists have successfully completed all required asbestos removal courses & tickets.

Our Safety

Your safety is our main priority when removing asbestos. We will guarantee 100% removal of all asbestos materials and can certify the work for you.

We use proper hazard control methods for all asbestos related projects & ensure our team only carry out work using the correct safety techniques.

Our asbestos removal practices are conducted and regulated by Worksafe in accordance with the OH&S Act & relevant regulations.

The Southstar Difference

We are committed to providing an above and beyond asbestos removal service for our customers. We value what our customers think of us and uphold our reputation for providing the best possible asbestos removal service at the best price.

Quality customer service

From the first point of call, our customers know they can feel comfortable to ask us any questions they would like to know about the asbestos removal work & other services. We take an informative & customer focused approach meaning you are provided with:

  • Regular updates on the work
  • Professional & friendly service
  • Informative advice
  • 100% asbestos cleared sites
  • Value for money
  • Top standards for safety and OH&S

OH&S in Our Workplace

There is a lot of training and safety requirements an Asbestos Removal Professional needs to meet in order to carry out approved asbestos removal work.

Southstar Asbestos removals value the importance of OH&S in the workplace. Our policies and procedures are in accordance with work safe requirements, the OH&S Act 2004 and the OH&S Regulations 2007.

Our Team is fully trained and qualified and attends regular medical examinations and complete refresher courses as required to keep up with the standards in the industry.

Our equipment is fully approved and suitable for commercial and industrial use.
We guarantee the safety of our staff, our clients, surrounding neighbours when conducting our work.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos was widely used over 70 years ago through to the 1980’s due to its resistance to heat and other factors, until it was identified as posing serious health risk to individuals including serious respirator health conditions such as lung cancer and Mesothelioma.

People can be exposed to the material at home or in the workplace if any building material or structures contain asbestos.

Asbestos is often found in rooves, floor tiles, kitchen walls, ceiling materials, cement compounds, textiles products and eaves.

Asbestos is now strictly regulated and depending upon the type of asbestos and size of removal at a premises. Only a Licensed Asbestos Removalist can remove and dispose the asbestos contaminated material.
Southstar Asbestos Removals specialise in the removal of Class B Asbestos (chrystolie).